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Casual gaming

Students have all delved into the magic, monster, and sometimes zombie-filled worlds of video games, but everyone must go upstairs, downstairs with cables, boxes and hefty screens to do so. Those days are over, and casual gaming, ushered in by the Gamepigeon app has begun. In almost every game on the market, there is an element of action-packed suspense that

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Students with jobs

Underpaid and overworked is the motto of student workers everywhere. For some, however, the job can be especially daunting. Brian Marquez, junior, has had his fair share of tedious work-related incidents in the mere seven months he has worked as a cart pusher. He was once nearly ran over in the parking lot. “It was my first night closing, and

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Woodmen Athletics 2nd annual fish fry

Fishing poles have been filling the waters of Greenwood as the Fish Fry approaches. The Woodmen Athletic Booster Club (WABC) will be hosting their annual Fish Fry fundraiser on Jan. 20,  right before the boy’s and girls’ basketball game. There will be all you can eat fish and tenderloin, served by the Greenwood athletes themselves. “We have the athletes serve the

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Wearable technology

Growing up, most students played games such as “spies” or even fanaticized about being James Bond. Ten years ago, those kids did not believe they could actually have his gadgets. Smart watches are an up-and-coming product, but nearly all major tech companies– such as Apple, Samsung and Fitbit– have put their foot in the door by releasing watches that make

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