Wrestling team looks to build off last year’s efforts

The season of leaving blood, sweat, and tears on the mat has begun as wrestling season starts Nov. 5 with an Intrasquad scrimmage located at the high school.

Returning varsity wrestlers Jacob Schrader and AJ Montgomery will look to lead the team in this year’s season. Both wrestlers had successful seasons last year but will look to improve their records this year including a deep playoff run. Montgomery will most likely wrestle in the 195 weight class while Schrader will wrestle around the 145 weight class.

“To prepare for this upcoming season, I went to a wrestling camp at Wabash College. I also participated in many matches. I feel like this really prepared me well for the season going against some pretty tough competition,” Montgomery said.

Montgomery hopes to make it past semi-state where he was eliminated last year.

“I want to build off of last year’s semi state qualification and hopefully make it to state. A long playoff run is definitely my main goal. I want to go further than I ever have and make my senior year the best one yet,” Montgomery said.

Schrader also looks to build off of a strong sophomore campaign last year.

“I am hoping to build off of some of last year’s losses and make it farther in the tournament this season. I have been working out a lot for this upcoming season in APC, and after school so hopefully it pays off and I have another good season,” Schrader said.

Staying healthy during the season is a struggle; wrestlers must find any way they can to remain on the mat.

“During the season, I try to stay hydrated, fed and rested throughout the week. I try not to keep all of my weight off during the week, I just slowly cut hard on Friday. This helps me not feel as empty throughout the week,” Schrader said.

Wrestling is known as one of the toughest sports in high school; these warriors on the mat try to do anything they can to keep going and win matches.

“I keep my health up by icing all parts of my body after practices and meets. I also visit the trainer when something more severe happens on the mat. I try to do anything I can to stay on the mat. Last season I had to miss some matches because I hurt my ankle and I definitely don’t want to sit out again,” Schrader said.

Injuries are very common in the tenacious sport of wrestling, but these men know what they signed up for.

“I try not to worry too much about getting hurt. During football season I play through a lot of pain, so I would say I am used to it. I just have to make sure I am staying healthy enough to compete, that’s all that matters,” Montgomery said.

The first regular season meet is the Capital City Classic Nov. 19 at Perry Meridian.



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