Red Sun review


Though it was a new place, new food and a new experience, something seemed all too familiar.

I recently tried Red Sun, a sushi and Asian food restaurant located on SR 135 in Greenwood. I have always been a huge fan of sushi, rice and noodles, but Red Sun changed the game for me.

I walked into the small, strip center restaurant open- minded about trying something new. As I scanned the menu located above the cash register, the cashier walked out ready to take my order. I recognized her, and I could feel my face reddening while trying to recall how I knew her.

I ignored the situation by quickly ordering a vegetable sushi roll and a side of white rice. The awkwardness continued as I waited for my food to come out. Finally, I remembered that I knew the girl, Vicki, because she sat next to me in fifth grade. Recalling this did not make the situation better because I thought it was too late to say something. I knew she recognized me, and I thought that if she remembered me she would mention it. Besides, it would just scream “stalker” if I said, “Hey! Remember me? We knew each other when we were 10!”

While my mind was racing with possible ways to escape the awkward situation, I enjoyed my meal. The restaurant was near empty because I came right after school, which would not be a busy time. Emptiness did not make my experience awkward or weird like I expected when I walked in. I liked this atmosphere, and it made my experience a good one.

The sushi- though I only ordered a vegetable roll- was delicious. The roll is made of a mixture of vegetables wrapped in seaweed and covered in white rice. I liked how the sushi was filling but did not make me feel bloated like most other types of sushi do. As funny as it sounds, the most appealing part of the food was Red Sun’s original sauce. It is called YumYum sauce, and it can be put on any food. I chose to dip my sushi in the sauce, and I was hooked from the first bite. The sauce is a perfect mixture of sweet and savory.

Red Sun had great service, amazing food and a good atmosphere. Besides being frantic about confrontation and walking out without saying anything to Vicki, my experience was good. I would recommend this restaurant to anyone who is a fan of Asian food.

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