Lady Woodmen prepare for a striking season

The girls basketball season has arrived in Indiana, but the Lady Woodmen have been preparing since the beginning of the summer.

Last year was a great season for the girls, especially with the addition of the coach’s daughter, Jae Taft, who brought great talent for the team as a senior, and Indiana All-Star player Holly Hoopingarner. The team is preparing to keep the Lady Woodmen thunder throughout this year as well. Many upcoming freshmen have a lot of talent and experience on travel teams. These girls will contribute to the JV team, and some may get varsity playing time.

Sophomore Alex Kincaid, who started varsity her freshman year, has been doing all she can to prepare for this season.

“As soon as last season ended, I was focused on this year. Last year is over, and it is a new season. We have a lot to give this year,” Kincaid said.

Many other players on the team have been preparing both through school basketball workouts and travel teams. Junior Leah Moore has been playing on a travel team for Indy’s Finest.

“I believe playing travel ball has given me a lot of extra experience on the court. It allows me to gain court skills as well as teamwork and leadership skills that I can contribute to the team,” Moore said.

The team is taking a different look on how to prepare for this years’ season.

“Last year, we had a lot of guards and outside players, and this year we have more posts. We are training to be able to score more inside rather than outside this year although we still have some shooters,” Kincaid said.

There is a lot of talent from upcoming freshmen.

“I have played basketball since I was in elementary school as well as travel ball for multiple years. I have played with some of the upperclassmen on travel teams so I have had experience playing with others than just those in my grade as well as being on teams with girls from other schools. This has really opened up my experiences of playing with many people, so I think I will adjust easily to playing high school basketball,” freshman Ashley Buster said.

The smallest details are going to be important when facing some of their biggest rivals.

“The main training is just the simple stuff. It is the details that are going to help us win games this year. Perfecting the little things and not letting up at any time are going to be major key points,” Kincaid said.

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