Greenwood Sports Injuries

A few cuts and bruises are expected when a high school athlete competes, but for a few GHS students, suffering only a few cuts and bruises would be the least of their worries.

Senior Taylor Neely dislocated her knee, tore her ACL and meniscus, and sprained her LCL and MCL after taking a side check in a soccer game. Neely missed the rest of her season and still has not recovered.

“I still have four more weeks of rehab until I go back to the doctor. Once I get my surgery, the after surgery recovery time is expected to be 6-8 more months,” Neely said.

Senior Spencer Schmidt’s season also ended when he tore his hip flexor while kicking footballs at practice. Schmidt was the team’s field goal kicker.

“I will be out for the entire football and soccer season, and I am expected to be fully healed by the start of November. Losing game time has also been one of the hardest things that I have had to deal with because I have started in both sports since my freshman year and not being able to play has been tough,” Schmidt said.

These injuries have not only affected the players themselves but also their teams.

“It affected the team by having someone else kick field goals. Damon has never had to do it before, and it has been a tough transition for him, but he has done a great job,” Schmidt said.

Neely’s injury also had a major impact on the girls’ soccer team

“I think it affected our team most mentally. I was the team captain so I think it was hard not being able to lead on the field, but we only had three games left to finish out the season,” Neely said

For sophomore Tatiana Andrade, it was more than just a severe injury. She landed on her knee, causing her femur to snap and also dislocating it from her hip.

“I was super depressed about my lack of game time this season. I wasn’t able to do what I loved most, and I was at my peak. I feared I would never be able to run again. Watching my friends work hard without me was really hard, but being there also helped me a lot because I was still a part of the team as the manager,” Andrade said.

For these athletes, recovery is a very long process. Freshman Kaylor Smith broke his leg in three different places when wrestling one of his roommates this past summer on a mission trip.

“It took so long to recover. My leg was still very weak when I got my boot on, and I was still in immense pain, but I learned to work through it. It was also really depressing because I had been looking forward to playing high school soccer. My leg is almost back to normal except my calf muscle; I lost so much of the muscle that I had to spend 2-3 months working to gain all the muscle back,” Smith said.

In the end, each athlete is working harder than before to recover and perform at the ability they were able to previously.

“It wasn’t much of a season for me but more of a training period to get strong again. It was hard for me to recover. I broke the largest bone in my body and now have a metal bar with two screws holding it in place. I’m still not fully healed to this day, but I’m working hard on it,” said Andrade.







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