New go karting class

Next semester, students from there different academic areas will be able to work together for one goal: to win a go kart race.

Last year, Assistant Principal Craig Bruns attended a STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Mathematics) event at the Indianapolis Motor Speedway. Several high schools from around the state were participating in a go kart race. The schools assembled a four wheel, electrical car that hit speeds around 40 mph. After viewing the race, Mr. Bruns felt GHS needed an opportunity for students from the math, science, manufacturing, and business departments to put their knowledge to life.

“The goal of this is to have the students use the education they’ve learned in their classes to life and being able to collaborate in a team environment with other students and teachers,” Mr. Bruns said.

This second semester class will be taught by manufacturing teacher Mr. Trocha, and, Mr. Brad Clark, sports marketing teacher and Mr. Rich Perry, physics teacher will provide assistance.

“This is up my alley. I love building things and racing. It’s going to be a lot of fun and everyone is going to learn something new,” Mr. Trocha said.

Trocha will have around 8 to 10 students in the manufacturing room, who will be designing and constructing the kit. The students will receive help from physics students to help in energy efficiency, a major judging component in the race. Students in the sports marketing class are currently working on raising funds through local sponsorships.

“The biggest challenge right now is raising funds. Right now we need to raise $53,000 to buy the kit. We are inviting 27 local businesses and companies to view a presentation presented by our sports marketing students. We have set up a social media account and are building a website,” Mr. Clark said.

The karting team will be judged by its race performance, energy efficiency, community outreach, and presentation of its project. The kart will be assembled and ready to go in May.

“We’re going to be pulling on the different intelligences, and we’re all going to come together as one big team,” Mr. Trocha said

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