Cross Country Sectionals

For most, running is a punishment, but for cross country runners, running is their passion, pain is their adrenaline and numbness is their feeling of success.

Running a single mile always produces loud groans among the students in a gym class, but gym is close to nothing when preparing for the cross country season.

“I started preparing for Sectionals over the summer by doing 10-12 mile runs daily to build up endurance, and I just worked really hard during practice so that I could, hopefully, move on further than Sectionals and onto Conference,” junior Ian Rimer said.

After a few key runners graduated last year, the boys’ team has stepped it up to replace them.

“I think that my personal season hasn’t been my best this year, but I believe as long as I keep giving it everything I have that it’ll pay off in the end. Overall, I think the team has had a pretty good season, despite losing five seniors. We have had members step up their game and really work every practice, and it has paid off,” junior Ethan Pine said.

The girls’ team has had nothing but positivity flowing from their season. After a hard season last year from a low number of participants on the team, a large number of freshmen have moved up to fill their spots.

“I feel the team is doing great. Our freshman girls are making personal records and getting much better times. They are their own competition,” sophomore Tatiana Andrade said

Andrade suffered from a broken femur last year during her freshman season of cross country and has since been recovering steadily for a future strong appearance.

“Even though I broke my leg last winter, my coach thinks I’m getting much stronger the more I practice, and we are striving to make me ready for this upcoming track season. My endurance has already improved incredibly and my goal is to get back to where I was last year mentally,” Andrade said.

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