The Rivalry Continues


The competition cheer team has been preparing for the mid-state competition from the beginning of the summer.

“We are preparing by breaking down the routine piece-by-piece and practicing it until it is muscle memory to all of us,” senior Jacie Turley, base, said.

The mid-state competition last year was quite an event between the GHS and Whiteland cheerleaders, resulting in a shared Mid-State title.

“Last year was crazy. We were told we placed first at the competition,” Turley said.  “A few days later, we were told that the scores were tallied wrong, and we actually came in second place. We got to keep the trophy and were announced as co-champs.”

There has been an ongoing rivalry between the GHS and Whiteland teams. There is a close skill level between the teams, resulting in very close scores each year at this competition.

“There is definitely a rivalry, but I think it is a good thing because it forces both teams to work even harder to prepare for the competition,” senior Bailey Evans, flyer, said.

The team has prepared well enough to have great confidence in being able to beat Whiteland.

“I know our team has what it takes to beat Whiteland, no doubt,” junior Allie Duncan, flyer, said. “We practice multiple days a week to focus on perfecting our skills to the best of our abilities.”

The mid-state competition takes place on Nov. 12 at Whiteland High School.

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