Greenwood Robotics receives generous donation

The Robotics Club has always had a quiet presence in the school, that is, until this year, as the club received Baxter, a $20,000 robot donated by GENCO.

Led by Mr. Chris Campbell, middle school teacher, the Robotics Club and the “Green Machine” was created after the 1st Annual Community Career+Education forum hosted by Endress+Hauser. After attending the forum, several students and administrators were eager to establish a program that would allow students to compete in an event that combines the excitement of a sport with the rigors of science and technology.

GENCO has been around since 1898 and has forged a record of performance, innovation and customer service. GENCO has recently donated a robot to the robotics team worth $20,000, named Baxter the Robot.

The team received two robots, one for the middle school team and one for the high school team.

“This robot is just a training tool to teach our students how robots are used in industry,” Campbell said. “When we have some free time, students are taught how to work with Baxter. I have been allowing my student to work with Baxter in my IT classes at the middle school.”

The mission of the Robotics Club is to inspire young people to be science and technology leaders, by engaging them in an exciting mentor-based program that teaches science, engineering and technological skills.

Baxter will soon be available for high school students in Mr. Scholl’s classes.

“We will only use Baxter for teaching and to help students understand the capabilities of industrial robots,” Campbell said. “Our robot teams build and program a new robot every year to meet the challenges of the rules for each season.”

Baxter is mainly going to be used to help enhance the knowledge and skills of the robots created by the team.

“I’m excited for the new robot. It’s really cool to see a robot that is used in the real world, and this one is used for manufacturing purposes. It’s used in many factories because it can perform simple repetitive tasks without fault. Its arms have a very wide range of motion and its hand can be equipped with different tools depending on what task it needs to perform,” junior Collin Graber said.

The robot was donated by Mark Jackson- a General Manager at GENCO (FedEx Company in Greenwood. GENCO no longer needed these types of robots and wanted to donate them to schools where students could get hands on experience.

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