College Representatives visiting GHS

College Representatives visiting GHS

Each year seniors can take three college visits and juniors can take one college visits.

College visits have helped many students make huge life decisions. If a student wants to schedule an excused college visit they must go down to the guidance office and sign up for the college visit they want to attend, and get paperwork to have filled out on the day of visit.

“Colleges prefer visits so they can get as much information into the students most interested in their school. However, some schools only allow college fairs so students will not be taken out of class,” said Laug.

GHS students are really enjoying the college visits. College visits have really helped some students that were on the fence about a certain school. Senior Olivia McNew who visited Saint Mary’s College has immediately turned in an application after the college visit.

“I was not really sure about Saint Mary’s since it is a religious school, I didn’t think I would fit in very well, McNew said The college visit really helped me realize that St. Mary’s is a very welcoming school so I could not wait to apply.”

Certain colleges that might not be as well-known get exposure through the high school hosting their representatives. The college visits also provide students more time to ask questions and get direct answers.

“The college visits are very beneficial for the students but it’s very hard to fit into a schedule. Having college visits during lunch has made the college representatives feel uncomfortable because students do not want to go up to talk to them during their lunches,” said Mrs. Lisa Laug, guidance counselor.

College fairs and visits are very different. College visits are smaller and gives students opportunities to sign up for colleges they want to learn more about. College fairs are often will have hundreds of colleges at once which can make it harder to learn more about specific schools.

“The college visits help a lot, at college fairs hundreds of different colleges and students may only get to talk to a college for maybe five minutes at a time so it’s hard for us to really explain what all our college is about,” Valerie Efta, assistant director of admissions at Saint Mary’s College said.

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