A day at the zoo

The world around us is changing fast. More animals are becoming endangered and extinct. People are losing touch with nature. But, the Indianapolis Zoo works to preserve the relationship between man and nature.

When in Indy, one of the top places to visit is the Indianapolis Zoo. The mission for the zoo is to empower people and communities, both locally and globally, and to advance animal conservation. The zoo is open to the public in November, Wednesday through Sunday from 9 a.m. to 4 p.m. Unlike most other zoos, the Indianapolis Zoo is divided by the different biomes in nature. The biomes include the oceans, plains, forests and deserts.

The Indianapolis Zoo offers many exhibits and activities. During the time at the Indianapolis Zoo, there are a number of exhibits with interactive animals and interesting species. Early morning to early afternoon are when the animals are most active. People can visit the Atlantic bottlenose dolphin show, orangutan and smooth dogfish shark exhibit, African elephants, Amur tigers, Alaskan brown bears, cheetahs, reticulated giraffes, meerkats, and California sea lions.

In the ocean biome, the bottlenose dolphin show allows guests to get an upclose look of the friendly mammals. Also, the dogfish shark exhibit permits visitors to both feel and examine sharks. The last must­see in the ocean biome are the sea lions. The forest biome has the brown bears and tigers. Both animals are often seen walking around in their exhibit. The most interactive animals in the desert biome are the meerkats. The meerkats are regularly running around and playing with each other. The last biome is the plains. Both the elephants and giraffes are almost always visible. The cheetahs are not usually active, but still visible lying in the shade.

Although all of the animals at the zoo are amazing, some are more interesting than others. If time is limited, there are some animals that could be passed over. For example, the red panda is often in the trees hidden by branches and leaves. The African lions are hardly active, along with the white rhinoceros.

Not only are there animal exhibits, but also additional activities. Other things to do at the Indianapolis Zoo include feeding lorikeets and giraffes, race­a­cheetah, going on the Kōmbo Family Coaster and Skyline, or riding the White River Junction Train.

Going to the Indianapolis Zoo will give all guests a taste of what Indy is about. The zoo is a great experience that allows all visitors to ‘explore the world’, participate in numerous activities, and have a relaxing day outside. A day at the Indianapolis Zoo will create memories that will not be forgotten and a chance to go should never be passed up.


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