Open enrollment capped for Class of 2018

Greenwood’s landlocked school district’s growth has come to a creeping stop while other schools grow rapidly. Open enrollments had been offered, but GHS can no longer accept Class of 2018 students.

Greenwood offers open enrollment which allows students who live out of district to attend the school, but the 2018 class is too large to accept any more. The Class of 2018 has been a “bigger” class since they started elementary school. The class has continued to grow which causes problems in the system.

“They came into high school at 320 and are now at 340. They were already causing problems as freshmen and are continuing to grow, so we have to cap it off. It is just not financially responsible,” Principal Todd Garrison said.

“The number continues to cause problems with staffing. We have teachers who have always taught one class that are now having to teach an additional course,” Garrison said.

The lack of faculty causes an issue when it comes to certain subjects. Teachers have time to teach other classes, but their education only goes so far.

“In English, you are licensed to teach all high school grade levels, but in science, you have to have a certain degree. We are having to hire new teachers and having other teachers teach something they never have, not to mention the sizes of each class period,” Librarian Julia Reynolds said.

The solution to the problem is capping off open enrollment for the class of 2018. Students who live out of district will no longer be accepted.

“For some reason, their class is bigger than others, and it has caused problems for us,” Assistant principal Craig Bruns said.


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