JV Volleyball Looking to Fish a Win

Voices call out in excitement as a girl dives towards the floor and dig the ball up for their teammates to spike.

The girls JV volleyball team has been a force to reckon with this season. So far they are undefeated and are gearing up to go head-to-head with Fishers.

“Last year we were defeated by Fisher’s JV team. I know we worked hard to beat that team, but they ended up coming out with the win,” sophomore Anne Lowe said.

The JV and varsity team have both put in tremendous amounts of work in the offseason and it shows in the way they play their games. They are fast and not afraid to sacrifice their bodies for the good of the team. This can be a dangerous combo for other teams that play against the Lady Woodmen.

“Our team has many strengths, but jv has really worked well with putting all of our skills together. Everyone is good by themselves but together I feel we are unstoppable,” freshmen Aaliyah McGowan said.

The fact that Fishers is not in the conference is not making these girls slouch around either. The Fishers team won across the board last year, and the volleyball girls are determined to make sure it does not turn out that way this time around.

“Even though this isn’t conference, I do believe it is an important team to beat. This is a good team, and it would be a very uplifting team to beat,” sophomore Lowe said.

The girls seem to be very confident that even though Fishers is a good team they will get the win. Looking at their stats it would seem they have good reason to think so. The undefeated record of the JV team, and the apparently impressive stats of its players are causing many teams, inside the conference or not, to circle the game against our Lady Woodmen as a must win. The Lady Woodmen are not backing down though and are working harder than ever to make this a good season.

“Our JV team this year is stacked. We have some great players this year and I’m more than confident we can beat Fishers,” Lowe said.

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