Girls golf preview against Lafayette

As the golf team is getting ready for their tournament against Lafayette, they may face some challenges.

Senior Julianna Lamey has had some previous back injuries that will prevent her from competing in the tournament against Lafayette. Being the only upperclassman on the team, Juliana is look up to as a leader.

“Since I will not be competing against Lafayette with my team, the responsibility falls down to our underclassmen. We do not have a junior this year, so our sophomores Bridget Lindstrom and Laila Stein will be the leaders at this event,” Lamey said.

The girls golf team did not do very well at the match against Lafayette last year. This year, the team seems to be more confident that they will do better.

“Last year’s tournament did not go well for me. I remember I was so frustrated by the third hole that the rest of the tournament ended horribly. This year, I know I’m more prepared for this tournament along with my team,” sophomore Bridget Lindstrom said.


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