Community Service club established

Key Club member Maddy Moan rings a bell for the Salvation Army. She may be tired, but she feels helping her community is worth the effort.

Key and Interact Clubs were clubs whose main mission was to help the community. This year, Key and Interact are joining forces to become the Community Service Club. The clubs combined because they had similar projects.

“Ms. Sherron and I combined most of our meetings last year anyway because our goals of helping the community were similar. Students can also say they are a part of both clubs, but this way students do not have to go to two meetings,” Mrs. Lisa Laug, Community Service Club sponsor, said.

The main difference between the clubs involved separate national organizations, but Community Service Club members can still attend any event sponsored by them. Interact Club is a part of Rotary International, and Key Club is sponsored by Kiwanis Club.

Some of the popular projects last year included Christmas-A-Glow and helping at Gleaners Food Bank.

“Largely the activities everyone has loved doing in the past years will stay the same. Of course, new things can pop up all the time, so it is in the students’ discretions what direction we go in,” Laug said.

Many students joined Key or Interact to give back to the community or for community service hours.

“New students should join this club because it is a great way to interact and serve in your community, and it’s awesome for getting service hours for college applications,” Moan said.

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