Bump, set, spike

Although the varsity volleyball team has hit a few rough patches this year, they have overcome each obstacle with energy and unity.

            Unlike last year, this year’s volleyball team had participation problems.

            “We lost some key players this year, and people have had to move to new positions and are switched around a lot, including myself,” sophomore Lawson Roberts said. “It’s my first year setting, and it has been a change definitely, but I still try my hardest to do what I need to do for my team.”

During the summer, many students went to the pool and relaxed, but the volleyball team saw summer as a chance to improve their skills and become closer as a team.

            “We’ve all worked really hard over the summer in the weight room and the gym, and have all become closer from spending time together too,” sophomore Alyssa Stilley said.

            Although practice makes perfect, the volleyball team still has challenges during the games.

            “As a team, we have discussed not being focused enough in a game, but we’ve been working hard to fix that and coach has helped a lot too,” Stilley said.

            Sophomore Lauren Battinau, co-setter, agreed.

            “My biggest challenge during a game is keeping my mind right,” Battinau said. “As an athlete, it is hard for me to make a mistake and then bounce back because I think about the mistake and dwell on it, but I have been working to move on and focus on getting the next play.”

            Although pre-season was rough for the volleyball team, the girls were able to become better players and always put up a fight for the win.

            “So far this season, I think our best game has been Beech Grove because everyone was on point and focused during the game,” Roberts said. “Our front row was aggressive, and our back row was taking good care of the ball and making consistent passes. Our bench and the girls on the court had great energy, and that game was one that reminded me of why I started playing volleyball.”

            Not only has the team already played strong games this season, but they are also hopeful of winning many more to come.

            “Based on our previous games, I believe we will be pretty good,” Battinau said. “We are a great team when we work together, and I think that will help us a lot this season.”

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