Sub Zero Review

I watched smoke billow up from the counter as a chocolatey liquid transformed into ice cream.

On a rainy Sunday, I made the trek downtown to Sub Zero Ice Cream & Yogurt, a new ice cream place that actually uses liquid nitrogen to make the ice cream.

I parked on the street and walked to the entrance on Massachusetts Avenue, and the line from the narrow restaurant already reached the sidewalk. While I was waiting, I got a chance to analyze the restaurant. There were about six booths on the side and pictures of candy and fake, food-related Periodic elements on the wall, which were cheesy but actually kind of amusing. Also, a really big, grey tank that housed the liquid nitrogen stood beside the counter, and it was pretty fun to feel how cold it was.

After waiting for about 10 minutes, I arrived at the counter and saw the menu. First, I had to choose a cream base, which could be low-fat, low-sugar, vegan or lactose-free. Next, I had to choose what flavor of ice cream I wanted; there were about two dozen cool options to choose from, ranging from chocolate and strawberry to cheesecake and cotton candy. Then, I had to choose $0.75 mix-ins to add to my ice cream; my favorites were cheesecake bites and gummy bears. In the end, I chose a low-fat peanut butter ice cream with snickers as my mix-in.

After I chose, the bowl of creamy liquid was passed to a guy with a hose. He spewed a lot of liquid nitrogen into my bowl, and the inner science geek in me watched in amazement. Tons of smoke flew from the bowl over the counter, and being the child I am, I kept waving the smoke around with my hands.

My ice cream, now actually looking like ice cream, was passed to the register, and I paid about $6 for my ice cream, despite being shortchanged by the aloof cashier. That’s right. I’m calling you out, Delaney at Sub Zero.

I went to a booth and finally had the chance to taste the ice cream. It was not exceptionally good, despite the flashy build-up. It tasted like normal ice cream to me, except a bit more lumpy. However, the ice cream was still very budget-friendly, and with all of the options to choose from, I would definitely say Sub Zero is better than local places like Baskin-Robbins to eat.

Overall, I would recommend Sub Zero for people who want ice cream downtown. The ice cream is cheaper than I expected and extremely fun to watch, especially for little kids. The line may be a tad long at times, but the variety of options and taste make it worth it. With free parking on Sundays to boot, Sub Zero provides a great outing on the weekends.




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