Seniors Make the Most of their Last Year

This year’s graduates are doing their best to achieve an eventful and successful final year, leaving their legacies for the upcoming classes.

Many seniors are focusing on their grades for this final year before beginning college.

“I would like to finish my senior year out with a 4.0 GPA by using time management to allot as much time as needed for studying and homework,” senior AJ Reingardt said.

One of the most important projects to focus on and apply time management to throughout the senior year is the Senior Capstones. Senior Capstones are yearlong projects that require each senior to get involved in either a new experience or a job shadow.

“My goal is to complete my Senior Project early so I do not have to stress about it at the end,” senior Cooper Borgerding said.

Participating in out-of-school activities and getting involved with the school is important, too.

“I am definitely going to participate in more student section activities, as well as things to help benefit the community, such as community service. I want my last year to be my most memorable,” Reingardt said.

Sports are a must in this years’ senior class.

“I am going to be the captain of the wrestling team this year. I am going to do my best to set an example for the underclassmen to lead so they can easily take over next year and continue the success,” Borgerding said.

Every Friday night during the season, students unite to watch the Woodmen dominate on the field.

“I am not only going to lead vocally but by example. I will always be striving to be the hardest worker in the weight room, on the football field and in the classroom. I hope that I can help to influence the underclassmen in everything that I do,” Reingardt said.


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