Senior scores a scholarship

With sweaty palms and a nervous stomach, senior Zack Marot listened to the list of names that seemed to go on forever.

After giving up hope, Marot thought he had lost his chance to earn a $500 scholarship. After eight names, the senior was finally announced, and he knew the time he put in was worth the outcome.

“I went to an HSJI (High School Journalism Institute) camp at the IU Media School. I took the Converged Sports Newsroom class, and we had a lot of people come in to be interviewed. Then, we wrote stories from the interviews and learned how to do a lot of stuff online,” Marot said.

Zack’s scholarship came from a series of different donors that HSJI and the IU Media School pools together to create $400 and $500 scholarships.

“People that got the scholarship applied through essays and being well-rounded students with good attendance and leadership skills. These scholarships are given to young people that have distinct media career interests,” Teresa White, the director of HSJI said.

As Zack was already planning on going to Indiana University, the scholarship will go to good use.

“I already wanted to go to IU before I applied for the scholarship, so this helps. I want to go IU for public relations and sports marketing,” Marot said.

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