Confessions of a Shopaholic: Clarisonic

There are many phenomenal products released each week for skin care.

As a skin care advocate, I love any and all types of face brush cleansers. I personally wear a lot of makeup every day. My pores are easily clogged. There have been serval released this past year. I personally love the Clarisonic Mia 2. It is a basic cleanser but works exceptionally well. However, my skin is too sensitive for the Mia 2. The Mia 2 brush head was too rough for my delicate skin. I searched all summer for a brush that was not expensive but deep cleansed my skin.

I have heard several admirable reviews about the Foreo Luna silicon face brush. I was skeptical because it is silicon. Whereas the Clarisonic is an actually brush, the little silicon rungs just looked useless. I was not sure it would be able to deep clean my pores. I, however bought one anyway. The brush has exceeded my expectations. It has made my skin feel more amazing after every single use.

The brush is gentle and soft, but it gives a very deep clean. I have used it for about two weeks, and it has transformed my skin. My skin was very dry and rough. Now my skin is glowing and smooth. The brush can be used several times a day and not irritate skin. The Clarisonic, however can only be used at the most maybe three times a day with those who have rough skin. Those who have sensitive skin can only use the Clarisonic about once a week. If it is used more than that your skin could break out more.

The brush also allows skin to absorb products easier. One of the best parts of the brush is the rippling on the very back of the brush. It helps for antiaging and really smooths down the skin. The best part, however, is the length of the battery. I have not charged my Luna in three days.

The Clarisonic is not rechargeable. The Clarisonic also has to have brush head changes. The Clarisonic brush heads are also extremely expensive. The Clarisonic brush is a heavier price and the brush heads are not cheap either. The Luna is a much lower cost and does not have to be replaced. It is a better deal.

The Luna is just an amazing tool for the face. The Luna beats the Clarisonic with its every feature. With every review the Clarisonic has more cons than pros. whereas the Luna has very little to no cons.

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