Final exam preparations underway


By Jayson Vaughn

Final exams at the end of a semester showcase how much a person has learned in that time.

Final exams could seem like a super hard test but with the right amount of time studying, they could actually be pretty easy.

“Us language art teachers like to make the very fair. I only put things we learned in the second semester in the final exam. My goal isn’t to fail kids, it is to help them get to the point where they know and get it down. The final is fair but not easy so we really encourage that students study. We take a week to review before we take the final exams just to ensure with students.” Mrs. Laura Cinnamon said.

Studying with friends is always available also.

“I like to play Kahoot with friends when I have to study for big things like this. Someone in my group will make the questions and the Kahoot itself, and then they send out the code, and from there, I just start playing and have a good time while studying and while I’m around all my good friends,” junior Joshua Miller said.


All of the lessons there have been in semester 2 is what the final will be over. The final exam is a very big test that’s why it is needed so badly.

“In the math department it is a little different from others. We study for about three days and we use a study guide and maybe some games if we are all feeling confident about it all. I go over all the problems with the students and I also stay just so I can help kids during power hour. People who arent afraid to ask for help are the ones that will do better.” Mrs. Lanna Smith said

Logging onto Quizlet and doing some Quizlets are also an option. There are flashcards and memory matching games and there are also quiz modes to so students can take practice tests.

“I do Quizlets because it is what I’ve used since my freshman year when I had my first finals. It is very easy to access and makes it a lot easier for me on the tests when i have so many tools that can help me on this app. I take a lot of pre quizzes, or I play the matching game, it’s my favorite because there is a timer and you have got to be quick with the decision-making.” senior Alonna Magness said

Making flashcards anand completing study guides are important, too.

“I study because these tests could really mess my grades up. The finals here at school are no joke. They are tough, and the tests are back-to-back which makes it so much harder.  With my past years experiences, I know what to expect, and I’m ready to tackle them this year.” junior Landen Crosely said