NHS prepares for new members

National Honor Society is inducting new members for the first time in two years.

The organization was forced to cancel their induction plans last year due to COVID-19 restrictions, resulting in a group of only four members.

“The biggest challenge this year has been COVID-19 and having four members who are all involved in other leadership and service activities. At the beginning of the year, I sat down with Mr. Garrison, and I asked about the expected requirements, which usually include 25 service hours. Obviously, second semester of last year I had to waive that because we were shut down. As a result, I had to waive all service hours for this year because we did not know what was going to happen and I certainly did not want to put any of the members in harm’s way,” Mrs. Alison Bonham, NHS sponsor, said.

The organization also has not been able to put together activities that involve the whole school or organize group service hours.

“I fully plan on having the same expectations as usual for next year. We have 31 applicants this year who followed an initiation process a little different than normal. I could not hold a meeting with all of the possible candidates because I would have kept for longer than 15 minutes and gone against COVID-19 restrictions. This year, I gave them an entire week to come by at certain times throughout the week. Other than that, the process has been similar to previous years,” Mrs. Bonham said.

COVID-19 restrictions continue to impact the way NHS functions as new members are not going to receive an induction until next year.

“We have 18 new inductees, 9 juniors and 9 sophomores, out of the 31 people who applied. With that many kids being inducted, we are not going to have an induction this year. Instead, we are going to induct them with next year’s group and make it a bigger and more formal event,” Mrs. Bonham said.