GHS’ Canned Food Drive About to Kick Off

GHS' Canned Food Drive About to Kick Off

Justin Waddell, Reporter

The GHS canned food drive is an important event that helps countless people in need receive meals, and with the ongoing pandemic every donation counts.


Junior Morgan Bailey talked about why donating cans is one of the most important events in GHS.


“Donating is important to me because I am aware that there are so many people that are not able to buy food, and if I can provide even one meal to someone that needs it then I think that is necessary. I have the capabilities to donate, but I also understand that a lot of people are unable to, which is completely understandable. Those that have easier financial situations shouldn’t feel obligated to donate, but in general I just want to help people,” she said. 


Freshman Lesley Rodriguez talked about how much donating cans can help a community.


“I think canned food drives are one of the most important things schools can do to help out in the community. Especially in times like this where people are struggling and need the extra help and supplies to survive. Everyone should try and donate at least one canned food item so that less fortunate people do not have to starve. Finding canned food is easy because you probably have some in your pantry. An extra jar of vegetables or something like that can go a long way and make a difference,” she said.


Junior Marissa Addison talked about the up and coming food drive. 


“The canned food drive is beginning very soon and starts on April 19th and goes all the way until the 23rd. I think it is important that everyone knows that because I have heard a lot of people that think that we do not even have one this year, which is not true. I think everyone this year should try and make an effort to donate cans to those less fortunate than us. I want to donate cans to ensure that people struggling can continue to survive during these hard times,” she said.