Genre of choice varies


Conner Peckinpaugh, Reporter

Finding the right genre of music to listen to is a musical experience unique to each person.

“My playlist is mostly rock and rap,” junior Joe Sheets said. “Bands like Nirvana and 3 Doors Down and artists like Kendrick Lamar and Anderson Paak just seem to make music that I really get into. I’m not sure why I’m drawn to the type of music I am to be quite honest. If I would have to guess it would be that other genres tend to be more repetitive than the rock and rap that I listen to.”

Because everyone has their own preference for music, the general popularity of certain genres changes over time.

“Different genres tend to be more or less popular over different time periods I think just because they get played out, but I wouldn’t say that they die. They just change in popularity,” Sheets said.

While some genres lose popularity, others are blended to create new sounds.

“I’ve listened to some Christian rap. One of my favorite Christian rap artists is KB. It is rap with a Christian message,” junior Caleb Shaw said. “Right now, my favorite genre is contemporary Christian. Just because when I go on runs at night that is what I listen to. It speaks to me a lot because of the stuff I’ve dealt with in my life, and it generally makes me feel better.”

The different music people listen to can have an effect on their personalities, too.

“Since I started listening to that, I feel like I’ve changed how I treat myself and others. It makes doing something like waiting 270-something days to move out much more doable,” Shaw said. “I used to listen to Imagine Dragons and even just from then to now I still listen to a lot of pop. What kind of music you listen to definitely affects your personality because of all that stuff you’re taking in. Garbage in, garbage out.”

Music across all genres has an effect on the listener. Everything from Christian to heavy metal.

“I listen to metal, specifically Sabaton because they sing a lot about historical events.” sophomore Peyton Ross said. “I think some of it is aggressive and has an effect on its listener. When it first came out, a lot of people thought it was Satanic and really bad because people didn’t get the concept of it. I feel like if you really get into it, you can understand what it is about.”