Teens live & learn with car accidents


When a teenager is trusted with a driver’s license, there are bound to be some live and learn type accidents.


The more that new drivers get together, the higher the odds that they will crash into each other. Juniors Raegan Roberts and Madi Ramsey have played bumper cars more than once.


“My friend Madi and I have actually gotten into two accidents since we got our licenses. The first time Madi’s car was in my driveway, and I hit it turning in. I felt really bad and kept apologizing, but she just thought it was super funny because it was bound to happen at some point,” Roberts said.


Their second accident was similar in the sense that it was just a minor bump.


“The second time was only funny because we had just talked about my car being right behind hers. Then, she backed into it. We got super lucky because both times there wasn’t really any damage to the cars so our parents didn’t really care and no one ever got hurt,” Roberts said.


Juniors Hannah Duncan, Samantha Garrett, and Brooke Alltop were all in the car together when they crashed, this accident however was a little bit more severe than Raegan and Madi’s.


“It was February 14, and we were in Bloomington driving down a back road. We slipped on ice. The car slammed into the dirt, and if we were any closer, we would have hit a tree. After that, we were outside for about an hour until someone came up and offered us help,” Duncan said.


While fixing the car’s damage is important, nothing is more important than everyone’s health.


“The car was totaled, but at the time, we didn’t think it was. When the parents got there, they were happy that we were okay and that no one was seriously injured. After the wreck, the insurance company called me and asked if I was injured and I said no,” Duncan said.


Luckily in their case, no one suffered any significant injuries, but they were understandably terrified. 


“I think the worst part about it all was when we were spinning out of control. One side was a cliff going straight down, and one side was a tree,” Duncan said.