Powerhour Returns


As of April 8, Powerhour is officially back. Before Spring Break, Powerhour was taken away due to lack of use, and fighting in school and after school among other reasons. 

Losing Powerhour affected many students. No longer could students who needed help in certain classes get the help they needed from their teachers. However, prior to the suspension of the Powerhour period, the use of Powerhour to help grades was super low. Our school has had record low grades this year, partly due to the fact Powerhour was not being used correctly. Many students are in danger of not being able to graduate or move on to the next grade. This was one of the bigger reasons the school administration agreed it would be a good idea to bring it back. Losing Powerhour also took away time from school clubs and groups that could no longer meet due to the loss of Powerhour. Powerhour was also a time to see friends and other teachers that students did not always get to see during the day.

Powerhour has been one of the better opportunities offered at our school and many students enjoy it a lot. However, this year it has changed. Powerhour is now at the end of the day rather than right in the middle of the day during lunch. Due to the pandemic, but more students used the time to get help more when the period was during lunch. Now that Powerhour is at the end of the day, students see it as a time to leave early, especially struggling students who do not like to be at school.  Due to this, I believe Powerhour should go back to its original form as soon as possible. 

Students need to remember Powerhour is a privilege to have, and while we all enjoy it, we need to do our best to behave during the period to ensure we do not lose it again. Students also need to use the time to go see their teacher if they have a failing grades. Too many students ignore the help that is being offered, and that is another reason why we have lost Powerhour in the past.