Spring Sports fan limitations


With COVID numbers trending downwards, spring sports fan requirements are a lot more lenient; however, there are still some limitations.

There are not really any limitations or requirements for any of the spring sports. Fans are told to bring lawn chairs to the games or matches and to wear a mask and keep their distance.

“Having a lack of fans does not have a huge impact on the game in my opinion. Some of the players, unfortunately, do not have anyone to support them, unfortunately,” Kiley Hankenhoff senior softball player said. 

Golf does not have any spectator limitations. 

“Golf as a sport has not had any limitations on spectators, but we have been affected by COVID. At one point, we were not allowed to touch the flagsticks and pole the flags out of the holes; however, all of those restrictions have been removed, and we are back to playing normally and running at full capacity,” Jackson Watkins junior golfer said.

Other athletes gave their opinions on the lack of fans. 

“It does not really affect me personally. I have only ever had my mom, and tennis is a pretty quiet sport anyways. Having the lack of fans is the same. I really only play for myself and not any fans,” Sophia Davidson junior tennis player said.

Senior Collin Campbell gave his opinion on the limitations for baseball games.

“I am really happy that anyone can come to the games. I just hope they wear a mask and stay safe,” Campbell said.

Ellie Irwin Freshman high jumper talked about how the lack of fans affects her meets.

“Having a lack of fan effects meets because it is not as lively as it would be with them. It affects my play style because being under pressure and surrounding adrenaline is always higher,” Irwin said.