Student Athletic Advisory Committee makes debut at GHS

Student Athletic Advisory Committee makes debut at GHS

One of the newest clubs planned for next school year is the Student Athletic Advisory Committee.

Athletes across the building are encouraged to join this club in an effort to increase participation in Athletic Department issues, promote school athletics and organize community service opportunities. 

“We want input from the students to see what they wanted at games and to see what we could be doing better,” Ms. Lindsey Glaze athletic secretary said.

The appeal to be in this committee is growing as student interest around the school is flourishing.

“One of the main reasons I would love to be involved in this club is because I want to be engaged in a group that will directly affect me as an athlete and individual. I would also like to help increase participation in Greenwood sports, regarding the amount of students that attend sporting events,” junior Alex Honeycutt said. 

Interests from students is also expanding for many athletes around the building.

“One of the main reasons I was interested in joining this committee is because this one involves all sports and allows all athletes to congregate together,” sophomore Josie Ochsner said. 

For most athletes, there is no better feeling than competing in their respected sport while their classmates are rooting them on. One of the hopes of this committee is to help expand the support for sports teams.

“We want students at Greenwood to not only have a great time at our games, but we want our attendance to go up for all sports,” Ms. Glaze said.

Members of the committee will be sharing their opinions about activities. 

“Students in this committee will communicate with us to express what they want to change regarding events; there will be community service projects, and they will be in charge of running their own Twitter account,” Ms. Glaze said.