Student Council elections


Despite a challenging year, Student Council managed to organize several socially distanced activities and fundraisers, so what should we expect next year from new leadership?

Although positions are pending, incoming senior Quinn Kelly has already come up with her own plans for Student Council.

“Next year everyone should expect a lot more school spirit whether it’s more Spirit Weeks or more fundraisers.  There’s going to be a lot more opportunities to celebrate our school.  Also, the students and teachers should expect a lot more appreciation.  We sort of tested it this year with teachers–thanking them for all they do–but next year we want to notice the student body a lot too,” Kelly said.

The teacher who leads Student Council, Mrs. Iana Allen, also has her own plans for the upcoming school year.

“We have a new set of teachers coming in.  We have invited Julia Reynolds, Linda Williams, Blaine Williams, Andi Campbell, Jeremy Runge, and Lisa Laug. We are going to have a teacher team next year so that we can have the teachers’ voice within our school. For example, what they want any assistance for and their ideas,” Mrs. Allen said.

Kelly is running for senior class president.

“I’m running for senior class president with Morgan Bailey as my vice.  I want to be a leader because I want to be in a position to make change.  One thing that resonates with me was a quote ‘You must be the change you want to see in the world,’ so I carry that with me into Student Council.  I love leading, and in order to see change, someone has to lead it, and I would love to be that person.  Also, I had so much fun in Student Council this year, and I have a lot of plans for our Student Council going forward into next year for all classes, but especially seniors,” Kelly said.

Senior Andrew Jones is running against Kelly.  He said to expect the entire school body to have more voice next year.

“Next year we plan to create more student representation in the events we plan, giving you guys more of a say in what we do.  I know a lot of kids said that they didn’t feel represented by Student Council so it’s our goal to change that.  We also are going to reach out to the community and include them in more things we do,” Jones said.

The third candidate for senior class president, senior Madi Ramsey, said she believes she contains the qualities to be a great leader. Ramsey’s ideas also coincide with the other two candidates.

“I want to be a leader for our school because I believe I possess the qualities necessary to adequately lead and pave the way for a fun and successful future for the school. We should expect a year full of great memories made with friends and events worth your time and participation,” Ramsey said.

Jones said he believes Student Council is more than just a group of planners.

“Student Council is here to represent the students and be a liaison between them and faculty.  We are here to give the students a voice against the authority,” Jones said.

Mrs. Allen said the most important part of Student Council is bringing the kids together.

“My personal opinion would be how Student Council brings the teens together and actually making them bring ideas and connect to the teachers.  And it is super neat, especially this year, to see how comfortable they have been going to a teacher to ask a question and how they can help and wanting to help teachers. It brings that excitement back with the student-teacher appreciation,” Mrs. Allen said.

Similar to Kelly, Jones is taking on the task of a school leader because he wants to make a difference.

“I love Greenwood schools, and when you love something, you want it to be the best it can be.  I believe that I have the skills and ideas to improve student culture and create more community involvement, and by doing so, Greenwood becomes an even better place to learn, live, and love,” Jones said.

Although applications were due, it is not too late to get involved next year.  Non-member volunteers are always welcome.