Boys baseball preview v Southport


Elijah Poe, Impact Editor in Chief

The baseball team has been preparing to take on Southport tomorrow.

“We have been preparing to face Southport by really working on trying to eliminate errors. Trying to not let as many balls drop in the outfield and get the ball out quicker,” junior Dom Wright, first basemen said.

Junior Aidan Luttrell, second basemen expands.

“We have put in a lot of practice to try to really better ourselves to win. It was my freshman year when we played Southport, and we won that game so we are hoping we can do the same this time around,” Luttrell said.

With COVID still affecting many operations, the team hopes to prevent the team from getting quarantined.

“This year we have really tried to social distance as much as possible. We have also been wearing masks when it is necessary to do so,” freshman Jackson Simms catcher said

The team looks to expand on victory this season and pull through with big wins.

“We have been really focusing our skills to limit errors and be able to hit better when it really matters. This year I think we have the talent to be a lot better than we were in years past for sure,” senior Matthew Jobe outfielder said.

Luttrell agrees.

“We have definitely put in a lot of practice this year to better the team, and we are all really hopeful to get out there and play,” Luttrell said.

The baseball team also has great team chemistry this year.

“All of the guys on the team are super fun to be around. We work hard, but at the end of the day, we also have a good time. It is really great to have good team chemistry,” Simms said.

It is easy to say that the baseball team has improved, and they are looking to the Southport game now.

“I am excited for the Southport game. We won my freshman year so I am looking forward to hopefully get a win again this year,” Wright said.