Underground music


Abby Stuber, Reporter

Sometimes, the best musicians are the ones most people have never heard of.

Music, for a lot of people, is a form of self-expression. There are thousands of undiscovered artists on popular streaming platforms like Soundcloud or Spotify. One of these artists is senior Zak Rasener.

“I had a friend who I went to middle school with. He performed at a pep rally and asked if I wanted to make music with him and I said yes. I came up with a cool and funny name that I liked and just started making music. It’s something that I’ve always wanted to do,” Rasener said.

Creating and sharing music can be deeply personal, but it is also a helpful outlet, which is what draws many people to the music scene.

“My favorite track that is most personal to me, is off my latest project. It’s called ‘18’ because it’s the first time I spoke about my friend Jared who committed suicide in 2018. It’s really personal. He was always super supportive and that’s why I’ve continued to make music as long as I have,” Rasener said.

Music that discusses personal issues can be important to both the creator and listener.

“I like listening to things that feel like they describe me or how I’m feeling. It makes me feel less alone, and I enjoy the music more,” junior Marissa Addison said.

Celebrities can often be difficult to relate to, while lesser-known artists can feel much more human.

“I think it’s easier to relate to someone who isn’t rich and famous. I like listening to music I can relate to, and that usually comes from people who are more like me,” senior Ian Hudnall said.

Discovering new music can be difficult, especially when it may not be that well known. There are a lot of methods people use, from randomly stumbling onto new music to intentionally seeking it out.

“If I find myself getting bored with my music. I’ll listen to the playlist that Spotify curates for me and find songs I like from those. Recently, I’ve been listening to The Brummies, The Regrettes, and the Symposium, which I wouldn’t have found without those playlists,” Addison said.

Another popular method of discovering and sharing new music is through social media.

“I’ve discovered a lot of my favorite artists off social media, like Slayyyter. It just depends on what comes up on my Instagram explore page or my For You page on Tiktok,” Hudnall said.