Staffer not impressed with new taco joint


While the food at Humble Taco & Margarita Bar was hot, the rest of my experience was not.

I was not sure what to expect when I walked into Humble Taco, but it was definitely not what I was expecting. Instead of a small, quiet Mexican restaurant similar to many others in Greenwood. I was greeted with a very crowded dining area that was very loud and almost obnoxious. A large percentage of the patrons seemed to be high schoolers or young adults, and it appeared to be more of a hangout spot than a restaurant. Humble Taco is definitely taking advantage of the mask advisory considering that almost every customer and server were not wearing masks; it almost seemed like I took a time machine to a pre-pandemic time period.

I was quickly seated and immediately greeted with a huge serving of chips and salsa. I made the mistake of getting a healthy serving of salsa on my first chip without thinking and immediately regretted it. The salsa had an extreme kick to it and it, felt like I was just sucker punched by Mike Tyson. I quickly took a large swig of my water to cool down my now burning tongue but to no avail. I started eating as many chips and drank over half my glass of water in the first couple of minutes just trying to cool down my mouth.

When I looked over the menu, I was surprised to see a variety of options, including build your own tacos, fajitas, arroz con pollo, and all sorts of side dishes. I decided on a selection of tacos as my main dish; I got something called a humble chicken taco, a crispy chicken taco, and a pulled pork taco. I took one of my good friends, senior Jared Ott, with me so he could help me get a diverse feeling of the menu and experience. He ordered the steak fajitas.

After only a 10-15 minute wait, my tacos came out in a neat little taco holder, and Ott’s fajitas came out on a steaming hot fajita plate. I was not impressed with the serving sizes, my humble chicken taco and pork had decent serving sizes; my crispy chicken taco had what appeared to be just two tiny chicken tenders on it that barely filled up my tortilla. I took a large bite out of my humble chicken taco and once again instantly regretted it. I was shocked by how much of a kick it had. After what seemed like an eternity, my mouth finally cooled down, and I resumed my taco adventure. I finished off my humble chicken taco with more caution than the first time, and overall it was actually pretty good. What really surprised me was the crispy chicken taco. Even though the serving portion was small, it was still delicious. The chicken had just the right crunch to it, was still a little juicy and helped deliver a flavorful punch. The shredded pork taco was also amazing; it was nice and juicy but also delivered a great serving of flavor.

While my tacos were great, Ott’s fajitas were not. His fajitas came out the same time my tacos did, but he did not receive his filler plate, which includes everything needed to put the fajitas on tortillas. It was another 15 minutes or so until our server came back around to check on us and realized he was missing his fillers. She apologized and ran into the kitchen to retrieve the rest of his food. While the fajitas had a decent appearance, it seemed like they just took a giant frozen steak and cut it up. I tried a piece of his steak fajitas and was not impressed; the steak was bland and very chewy. Ott was not impressed.

The cost of the food was actually really cheap. My tacos were only $3 apiece and most entrees on the menu were under $10. Sides averaged from $1 – $3 and appetizers were all under $10.

While the food was around average for what I would expect from a random taco place, the service was mediocre at best. It seemed like most of the servers were just high school students, and they still had lots of training and experience to gain. We were only checked on one time throughout the whole meal, and that was the 15 minute wait Ott had to endure for his fillings. Our drinks were only refilled once towards the end of our meal, which did not help combat the spicy food.

Currently, I do not think Humble Taco lives up to the hype and I think there is definitely room for improvement, but I think Humble Taco has the potential to be one of the best taco joints in Greenwood.

Humble Taco is located at 172 Melody Ave where The Stacked Pickle used to be and is open from 11 a.m. – 10 p.m.