New baseball season with a promising outlook


After the team’s entire season was canceled last year, this year’s baseball season is shaping up to be a home run. 

“The boys are looking forward to the season, and it definitely hurt that we did not get to play last year. We have a solid team, and I think we will have some success,” freshman Jackson Simms said. 

After every school experienced the same setback with a season cancelation last year, the team sees themselves on an equal playing ground. 

“I think every team had to experience a setback given that no one could play, but in the end, it will come down to who works harder in this off-season,” junior Aidan Luttrell said. 

The team is eager to start up.

“The expectation for baseball is to play. The team is looking to be better,” sophomore Gavin Rice said. 

Just as it has for over a year now, COVID will continue to have some effect on how the games will operate.

“I think this year we will obviously have to wear masks and things like that, but I’m wondering how umpires are going to work. Are we going to have them behind the plate or behind the pitchers, and how many umpires will we get?” Simms said. 

Despite any COVID regulations that may come into play throughout the season, the team is ready to start playing. 

“I don’t think (COVID protocol) will affect us too much because everyone’s gotten used to wearing a mask when in close contact. Whatever we have to do will be worth it to be able to have a season,” Luttrell said.