Parking Spots


In times like these, there needs to be some order and civility for everyone’s sake and
sanity. That is why it is necessary for the school to institute assigned parking spots.
Upon first glance, assigned parking spots may appear to be the school exercising
authoritarian control over the staff, faculty and students, but on the contrary, I see it as a way of

Gone will be the days of anxiously circling the parking lot to find a space that is close
enough to the entrance so as to not freeze to death walking into the building. No more disputes
over where to park, no more careful consideration and calculation; just remember where the spot
is and park there.

I also believe assigned parking spaces will lead to a much less hectic morning rush.
Everyone knowing exactly where they need to park will ease the congestion. I believe a more
organized parking lot situation would also ease the burden of busses and drop-offs who will be
able to get in and get out much quicker.

Assigning spaces would bring parking passes into question. I purchased one some time
ago for $15 of my own hard-earned money only to find hardly anyone actually bought the
passes, and having one was not so much an enforced rule as it was a kind suggestion. I will be
honest, I felt a little ripped off. Assigning spaces should see a comeback in regulating parking
passes. People like me who paid for a pass only to have it waste away in the kitchen drawer now
can get our money’s worth.

The final and perhaps strongest point in favor of assigned spots is that if parking passes
are really enforced, this can be a new source of revenue for the school to improve student/staff
life in other areas.
I estimate there are about 50-60 staff cars and about 230-250 cars for everyone else in the
parking lot on a given school day. Using my brilliant math skills, that is an average total of
around 280-310 cars, and issuing a $15 parking pass for each car would generate about $4,200-
$4,650 a year of revenue. The possibilities are endless with that kind of cash.

It could be spent on much needed repairs in the building, or essential supplies like masks
and hand sanitizer. It could be spent on funding for under-funded sports programs. Maybe a new
vending machine in the cafeteria. With that kind of money, the administration could buy a pack
of Ticonderoga pencils for every soul in the school. Center Grove and the GCA sure would be
envious of us then.

I believe that assigned parking is one of those underrated yet innovative ways life for
students and staff can be improved. Drive safely.