Why Grades are so bad

Why Grades are so bad

Since switching to hybrid, students’ grades have been plummeting due to distractions they have to deal with on their hybrid days.

“I think mostly when students are at home distance learning, many of them log in like they are supposed to, but there are a lot of distractions around so they do not have the same attention to class like they would when they are in class and they do not remember when due dates are or they forget there is a test,” Mrs. Andi Campbell, science teacher, said.

Principal Todd Garrison expressed his thoughts on how the grades were trending downwards.

“Overall, I would say our grades were certainly trending lower since the pandemic started, primarily due to the fact that we have been doing school in the traditional manner. That is how our teachers know how to teach, and that is how our students know how to learn, and it all just got turned upside down. Our teachers and students were both forced to go through the educational process in a manner that they are not accustomed to,” Mr. Garrison said.  

Motivation has been at an all-time low this year, and kids just cannot seem to get into the swing of things even though they are three-fourths the way done with the school year.

“I think the main reason for lack of motivation this year is the pandemic. Our whole lives were turned upside down a year ago, and our brains just could not figure it out. Kids have never been through something like this so no wonder kids have been running low on motivation,” Mrs. Tanya Fenner, guidance counselor, said.

Will changing back to full-time change the situation.

“ I already see changes in my classes where I am actually able to walk around and make sure everyone is working and make sure everything is turned in on time,” Mrs. Campbell said.

Mrs. Fenner also expressed her thoughts on changing back to full-time.

“I think that changing back to full-time will absolutely change grades, I have spoken to people and seen for myself people’s PowerSchool grades going up,” she said.