Track Preview


Ethan Pringle, reporter


Last track season didn’t go as planned .

“Im very eager for this season. I’ve spent my whole summer and quarantine and even Christmas eve and new years eve on the track so I am 100 percent dialed in this season,” senior Tanner Allen, sprinter said.

The only positive about the season being cancelled last year was that it just gave the team more time to train.

“The whole preparation for this upcoming track season began with taking good care of my body and how I trained. With the help of Coach Watson and his strength and conditioning program, myself and other athletes were able to stay in shape and peak condition despite having a calamitous year. I had to ensure I was training safely but still pushing myself in order to increase my strength and be prepared for the season,” sophomore  Mauricio Moreno sprinter said.

Going into this season,there seems to be pretty high expectations from the team.

“My expectations for the season this year are to just train like I have been training and go out and put all my effort into what i’m doing. I expect to go out with my team and work as hard as we can,” freshman high jumper Ellie Irwin said.

With the work everybody put in the offseason, this team has what it takes to compete at a high level.

“I feel like our team is going to be able to compete at a high level and have a fun time at the same time. With the way we train, we ensure that we are ready to face any team and hold our ground while still having a great time. The coaching staff and the team have great chemistry because everyone uplifts everyone. The positive energy emitted translates into a great bond that the whole team shares,” Moreno said.

Sadly, COVID still plays a role.

“Practicing with the restrictions hasn’t been as complicated as I thought it would be, but we still follow all the mask precautions and social distancing rules as best as we can,” Irwin said.

Going into a season, no matter what sport, there is a certain game or meet is usually circled on the calendar for some people

“Im looking forward to making it to the Regional round of the tournament. All of my best friends are from Warren Central and run the same events as me, and it would be cool to have a reunion with them in hopes for a chance to qualify for State,” Allen said

And for others, just going out and competing with the team is what there excited for.

“ I’m not really excited for a certain meet in general but just all of them because this is my first and only year running track and I just can’t wait to compete with my teammates and other schools,” Senior Jaydin Sheppard said