Picking up where they left off


The Lady Woodmen have had two years to prepare for this season as they have not been able to play in competition since 2019.

Senior Ashlee Walton said the down time did not affect her.

“It was actually quite weird; I just got right back into it. I picked up right where I left off,” Walton said. “As a team, we would’ve been really good last year, so as a team, COVID hurt us last year. Individually, it hurt me because I missed a season, but in all, I picked right back up where I left off so it didn’t affect me too much.”

This season is a rookie season to not only freshmen but sophomores.

“Our new people this year also got right into it. It felt like there wasn’t a big break between seasons like there was,” Walton said.

While the transition to this season was smooth, it was not flawless, according to junior Marisa Linville.

“There’s a lot of new girls and freshmen on the team so there’s a lack of experience this year. The sophomores are also inexperienced because of last year,” Linville said.

The inexperience this year has the team worrying.

“I believe we only have five players returning from the 2019 season this year, and of the five only, one is a senior,” Linville said.

Junior Xiomara Martinez was robbed of her first season last year, but feels as if she has been playing for years.

“It doesn’t feel like my first year. Everyone is very welcoming and if I ever mess up they don’t judge, they just help. Having other players helps me be a part of the team,” Martinez said

Martinez is one of the inexperienced players, but looks to change that.

“I want to improve on my skills since I did not get a season last year and I just want to get experience playing with other experienced players,” Martinez said.

With few veterans and many rookies, it is hard guessing how the team will perform. This makes it hard to set goals as well.

“The lack of experience will really hurt our team and set us back this year. I am going to just push extra hard for my  personal goals right now and wait to see how we start before setting team goals for this season,” Linville said. “My personal goal this year is to beat Center Grove’s 1 doubles team by a lot. It’s always been really close and I’ve never been able to beat them, so I’m striving to beat them this year.”

While many are focussing on personal goals, the whole team is focusing on beating their rival: Center Grove.

I think we all really want to beat Center Grove this year because they are our toughest competition and we have never beat them as a team before,” Linville said

With another uncertain season ahead, the team just wants to have a season.

“I really want a season this year because it’s my senior year and I’ll never have a chance to play again,” Walton said.