Spring break day trips

Spring break day trips

With this year’s Spring Break, it has become challenging to plan a full vacation, leading many families to opt in favor of day trips.

A day trip involves visiting somewhere and then returning home on the same day.

“My mom and I decided to visit Indianapolis for a day. We’re going to go to the Newfields museum and the Indianapolis Zoo. Most years we’d plan a trip for a couple days, but it was easier to just do a day trip this year,” junior Sommer Vaught said.

Another popular day trip is to visit Chicago.

“My best friend and I are going to Chicago with her parents. We just wanted to go shopping, so we’re going to Michigan Avenue for that. It’s a really big area for shopping and has a ton of stores that aren’t in Indiana. My favorite is Dylan’s Candy Shop because I used to go there as a kid and it’s really nostalgic for me,” senior Lucie Campbell said.

Chicago’s close proximity to Indiana and countless number of attractions allows it to be one of the most heavily-visited cities by Indiana residents.

“We considered going to Chicago, but it just made more sense to go to Indianapolis. I’ve been there before, and I’ve always really liked the museums,” Vaught said.

Of course, the two to three hour drive to Chicago can be unrealistic for some families, leading many to choose Indianapolis instead.

“The drive is just a lot easier, and there’s plenty to do downtown. For dinner, my mom wants to go to one of her favorite restaurants, The Eagle. They mostly serve fried chicken, and it’s really good,” Vought said.

Many Indiana cities are good for day trips outside of Indianapolis, including Bloomington, Brown County, and Indiana Dunes National Park located in Chesterton.

“I love Brown County. The scenery is really pretty, and it’s a great place to just spend a day with family or friends. We went there two years ago, and I remember thinking it was so cool. I’d love to do it again,” Campbell said.

Indiana’s neighboring state, Ohio, also offers a lot of fun opportunities.

“I’ve also been to Cincinnati for a day before. I loved their zoo as a kid, and it would definitely be a great place for families to go,” Campbell said.

Day trips are a great alternative for vacationing this year.

“I love them. It’s just nice to go somewhere different, even if it’s only for a day. I’m hoping we can plan more in the future,” Vaught said.