Softball prepares for their comeback season

Softball prepares for their comeback season

The softball team is preparing for a new season, but struggle with the fact that none of them have played together for two years.

Junior Anna Pritchett said the team is going to struggle this year because they have not played for such a long time.

“It will take a little longer to get back in the groove of practice and games with missing a year.  To prepare, we have had workouts three days a week in the barn while it’s cold and go outside and get reps on the field whenever we can,” Pritchett said.

Freshman Courtney Hankenhoff said she is taking a different course to prepare herself for her first high school season.

“I have been preparing with my team by going to all the practices and making good relationships and friendships with my teammates and coaches,” Hankenhoff said.

Similar to Hankenhoff, sophomore Sophie Markowicz has yet to experience a high school softball season.  She said it is an exciting experience and is ready to take on the next few years.

“High school softball is different from what I have played in the past because it is very competitive.  A good thing about it is that you can see your teammates in the halls, and it allows for us to build really great connections with each other that benefit on and off the field.  It is cool how girls from all different grades and skill levels to do something that they loved together,” Markowicz said.

Because Pritchett is an upperclassman and has experience, she said this year’s difficulties will go deeper than a lack of practice.

“[The underclassmen] all show a lot of effort and potential and are great teammates, so I am hopeful for a lot of growth this year.  It will be challenging to develop the same team chemistry right away with so many new girls, but once we do, the season should be fun and rewarding,” Pritchett said.

According to Hankenhoff, the obvious leading difficulty will be how much COVID stole from each person individually and from the fun of softball.

“The hardest part of this year’s softball season is going to likely be the COVID aspect of how things operate and how much we all need the practice; however, the easiest part is just being able to have fun with all the other girls again,” Hankenhoff said.

Markowicz said the most difficult part of this year’s season is going to be putting in an effort and actually believing that things will eventually get better.

“The hardest part about this year is always putting in the effort, even when you make a bad play or are in a bad mood.  We expect for there to be some struggles after the team not playing for two years, but if we keep our spirits up, we can make up for the lost time,” Markowicz said.

Come out to support the girls for their first game on April 5th against Indian Creek.