Family operated restaurant in Indianapolis astonishes staffer


Although small, Jimmy’s Diner sets itself above others by offering fresh American classics to their patrons directly from grill to table.

When I first walked into Jimmy’s Diner, I noticed how open the grill area was. There were a small variety of tables and booths available to sit at, and on the far side of the restaurant was a counter offering individual seating, and right behind the counter was Jimmy Bau and his wife Jessica. Jimmy was manning the grill like a professional, grabbing patties and buns and placing them on the grill without a second’s hesitation. It was like a marvelous cooking show between the smell of the freshly cooked burgers and fries to the smoke coming from the grill. Even though they had plenty of seating available, the diner was still relatively packed due to social distancing guidelines so I decided to get my food to go.

I looked over the menu and noticed breakfast options across the board and a wide variety of lunch and dinner options from chicken tenders to turkey pot pie. I decided to order one of my favorite meals, chicken tenders and french fries. I also got a basic hamburger to try later and see if it the taste was as good as the smell. After taking my order, Jessica immediately went behind the counter, and handed the ticket to Jimmy, and I sat there in awe as he began throwing my chicken tenders and fries right into the deep fryer in front of my eyes.

While I waited for my food, I took a look around. Thanks to the classic wood finish along the walls and pictures with decorations surrounding the open diner, I got a very at home vibe. The patrons and staff all seemed friendly and were talkative with their patron. The staff all took interest and paid attention to what the customers were saying, a key fact that is vital in the restaurant business many servers often overlook.

After a quick 10 minute wait, I had my food, and I was off back home. It was tempting to open my containers, though, as the smell of the freshly cooked fries teased my taste buds. I first tried the chicken tenders and french fries, and they were wonderful. My crinkle cut fries were cooked perfectly and had just the right crunch and an amazing flavor. My chicken tenders were even better; they were big, crunchy and juicy. They paired just perfect with barbeque sauce, and the flavor of the two together was incredible. Next up was a basic hamburger, I took a bite and felt a mixture of textures and flavors. The bun had a nice crunch, to it and the patty was cooked perfectly.

Overall, the food was a solid 10 out of 10. The at-home atmosphere and hospitality of the staff was also a solid 10 out of 10. I will definitely be going back to Jimmy’s Diner in the near future, especially during the weekends to try their breakfast, assuming it is as good as their lunch.

Jimmy’s Diner is located at 3301 Shelby St. in Indianapolis; they are open from 7 a.m. to 3 p.m. Monday through Saturday.