GHS Boys Golf Kicks Off Their Season

Justin Waddell, Reporter

After a long time away from the season, the boys golf team has started off and plan to win it all.

Sophomore Connor Chase explained what the team has been doing to prepare.

“We have been practicing every Tuesday and Thursday because that is all we are allowed but when we can practice five days a week that is what we will be doing. We also got a bunch of stuff in the gym for us so that makes practicing a lot better for when it is cold outside,” he said.

Sophomore Connor Chase explained what he expects for this season.

“For this upcoming season, I think we will perform well. We are all coming along, our swings are getting there, and we are becoming a very good team. I know we will be good this year,” he said.

Junior Jackson Watkins has bigger goals than just a mediocre season.

“I want to make it to Regionals as a team, but personally, I want to make it to State. We have a new indoor golf area located in the school which I am grateful for. I’ve been getting up at 6 a.m. and hitting balls and putting before and after school. Lately, I’ve been encouraging fellow teammates to come to lift and condition with me so we can get prepared for the season. As a team we will grow and hit our goal to make Regionals,” he said.

Sophomore Blake Roscoe talked about simple workouts and strategies.

“I have been practicing swinging the golf clubs and working on my putting and chipping while playing on the course to be more consistent. Overall, the strategy is to just play smarter and be more consistent in our shots. We already have a good team so I expect us to finish at the top of county and sectionals,” he said.