COVID Anniversary – ugh

COVID Anniversary - ugh

It has been almost a full year since we went into lock down due to COVID-19. The virus was spreading fast enough that school was completely shut down due to safety reasons. Everything went online from home.

When the virus first started making news headlines, I honestly did not expect it to be as deadly and cause the panic it did. Grocery stores were hit hard. Items did not stay in stock, and toilet paper was rare to find. Certain foods were hard to find, and panic really began to set in. Slowly, more businesses and restaurants were closing down due to the outbreak of the virus. People were told to stay home and only go out when it was absolutely necessary.

I remember being upset when the pandemic started. Track season had just been cancelled along with all other spring sports, and it was frustrating. Eventually, school got cancelled and everything turned into a waiting game on when we would be allowed back into school and see friends and teachers again. Pretty soon, things got boring being at home all day, and the only news being reported was how bad the spread of the virus had gotten with no real solution to fixing it other than isolation. School started up online and was one of the easiest things ever. It actually gave me something to do.

Being locked down in quarantine was horrible, and I hope it is something we never have to do again. The struggles of finding something to do, listening to actual news of what was happening and not someone else’s opinion was hard to deal with, too. In the end, masks became mandatory, and while other people’s opinions on them vary, it is a part of our everyday life. Nobody liked the idea of the lockdown and the struggles that came with it. It changed the way we lived. Hopefully soon, there will be an end to it.