Sophomore year difficult story

Sophomore year difficult story

As my high school tenure comes to a close, I began reflecting on the past four years. I can say with a certain degree of confidence that sophomore year was the worst year. Sorry to any sophomores who may read this, but they probably will understand what I am saying.

Freshman year was not the greatest time to be alive either, but at least there was a real sense of excitement. Everything was new, and teachers expected very little from me. Or maybe that was because of me personally not being the strongest student, but either way, freshman year was quite enjoyable, especially in comparison with sophomore year. 

For starters, sophomore year was long on workload and short on fun. The classes made it clear from the start that I am not a freshman anymore, so more would be expected of me. Of course as a sophomore, I was not an upperclassmen either, so the privileges of being an older high schooler were devoid. My point is illustrated by the fact I started working my first job that year but had no driver’s license or car, which of course meant either begging for rides or walking. My boss would tell me that builds character or something, but all I know is getting a Coke can thrown at my head by someone driving by made me really wish I had a ride of my own.

I also began announcing for some of the games for the Woodmen Broadcasting Network sophomore year when it just began. Although I thoroughly enjoyed being a part of that program, I must say that if anyone found any recording of my pre-pubescent voice inaccurately describing the play-by-play of a volleyball game, I would have to move out of state. I am fortunate that at that time we live streamed games to two or three people none of whom I knew. 

In all honesty, a lot of my memories of sophomore year blur into freshman and junior year. To put it bluntly, it was just a forgettable year. I believe it would be perfectly necessary to just cut sophomore year out and allow high school to be a three-year program like middle school or at the very least rename sophomore year something like “freshman II” or “junior junior year” so kids know what they are getting into. 

Hopefully, this will not be too discouraging to any freshmen getting ready to go into this particularly uninteresting part of their high school careers. This was my experience of it, but it does not have to be yours. And although I considered it my worst year, overall I have had a pretty good time at GHS, and I will cherish my memories here even if some of them make me cringe.