Shop or flop?


Shopping is a classic teen pastime– but which is more powerful, the urge to congregate at the mall food court or the possibilities found on a phone?

For senior Dria Riddle, the convenience of ordering clothes at her house and finding them at her doorstep a few days later is unbeatable.

“Shopping online is a lot easier because you can order things from your bed and they come straight to your door and you don’t have to worry about waiting around in lines,” Riddle said.

Others find  the mall more convenient for their immediate clothing needs.

“I think shopping in-person is more convenient because right when I buy the thing I want, I have it,” sophomore Molly Morris said.

Morris shops about once a week both in-person and online. She has cultivated some shopping tips for her favorite stores.

“Online, I really like to shop on Amazon and online boutiques. In person, I like to shop at more clothing stores like American Eagle and Francesca’s,” Morris said. “For people who want to shop the same way as me, I would say that the best thing you can do is shop for deals. If you shop clearance, there’s more money to spend on more things.”

For other shoppers, being cognisant of who they support with their business is more important.

“I prefer shopping for all my clothes in-person so I’m sure that I have the right size, but I buy all my jewelry online from small businesses,” senior Kara Swank said.

The growing accessibility to all different types of clothing is appealing to many shoppers. “I think online shopping is more convenient due to the unlimited access to millions of stores and how easy it is to find exactly what you want so quickly,” Swank said.

Regardless of the ease of online shopping or the mall’s allure, wearing vintage clothing is still a growing trend for teenagers.

“My favorite store is Indy’s Finest Vintage because all I wear are ‘90s crewnecks. The best place I’ve found for workout tops is Plato’s Closet,” Swank said. “I recommend buying vintage and re-sold clothes to help the environment.”

Even for those who shop online religiously, the mall will never stop being a classic place for teens to hang out.

“I go to the mall with friends sometimes, but I usually don’t get anything. We go probably two times a month. I like Pacsun the most at our mall,” Riddle said.