Boys basketball move into Sectionals


Nathan Kremer, Sports Editor

Coming off a remarkable Sectional championship win last year against rival Center Grove, the Woodmen have their eyes set on showing the state that last season was not a fluke.

“Winning back-to-back Sectional championships would mean a lot to this community. After winning our first Sectional championship since 2002, the community was so pumped up. There were people I had never seen before congratulating me and the team. It was obvious that finally winning a Sectional championship meant a lot to these people, and it was really cool to see how happy they were,” junior Brock Kincaid, guard said.

As the beginning of the tournament inches closer day by day, the Woodmen are trying to clean up their mistakes and strive for perfection while they still have time to do so in the regular season. 

“One of the biggest parts about the practices leading up to tournament time is fixing all of our mistakes, so that we can be as close as possible to perfect. It is important to improve even the smallest mistakes, in order to achieve where we want to be,” sophomore Carter Campbell, wing said.

Even though the Woodmen lost a large chunk of their rotation from last season, some players were able to use the tournament run as a learning experience as their roles have grown. 

“Last season I got the chance to dress the second round Sectional game against Shelbyville. I feel like having that opportunity will benefit me as we get into Sectionals this year for many reasons. Not only was I able to see how some of the older guys prepared for a sectional game, but I also got to experience the crowd and atmosphere, which is different from a normal regular season game,” Campbell said.

The team understands that in order to maximize their potential and reach their ceiling, they must be able to defend the teams they face at a high level.

“The most important thing about our team is our defense. I believe that if we can continue the defensive mindset that we instilled since last season, then we definitely have a chance to win some games in March,” senior Rasheed Elemikan, forward said.

A dream for all high school athletes is to be able to finish out their athletic careers by leaving a mark on their schools and sports. There is no better way to do that than winning a championship. 

“Being able to finish out my high school basketball career with at least a Sectional championship would be awesome and mean a lot to me. It would definitely be something that I would never forget for the rest of my life. It would also be something that I could tell my kids about in the future,” Elemikan said.

The Woodmen have had a successful season to this point.

“We know that if we can come in to practice every day and work our hardest, then our potential is sky high. As long as we keep improving everyday and working to be our best, this season has a great chance to be better than last,” Kincaid said.