Wrestling Secionals


Jack Titzer, Reporter

Wrestling sectionals

As the wrestling regular season comes to an end, the sectional tournament is upon us.

With the whole wrestling team coming off of multiple team quarantines, the boys did not get much of a regular season and pretty much had to jump right into the tournament.

“It was hard not really having much of a regular season, not really practicing a lot and then all the quarantines were not the best for our bodies. This was a different season for sure. Even though it was not most of a season, it was still a good one,” sophomore Scotty Raker said.

The boys had to adapt to a lack of practice and preparation and still manage to wrestle.

“As a team, we are just coming back from quarantine, so it has been very different and difficult to get back into the swing of things. We have been working hard in the practices that we manage to get the full team all at once. We have had to adapt to the different seasons and take charge by getting the most out of what we could,” junior Tyler Maxwell said.

Trying to change and adapt to certain situations can be hard on an athlete and even harder on a team as a whole.

“The biggest change we had with this season has been the tournaments and meets. We have not been able to have any non-family members at our meets so it has not been fun not having our teachers and friends around supporting us. Also, the quarantines have been very tough and the second one happened at the worst time possible and we almost did not qualify for sectionals because of it. We did have some at-home practices, but it does not even compare to getting coached and actually wrestling,” Maxwell said.

In this day and age, a team quarantine is the worst news a sports team can receive, and the wrestling team received multiple

“We were quarantined for the two weeks leading up to Sectionals, and that definitely hurt us. The wrestlers worked out at home the best they could, but it was hard. We were able to get a couple of days on the mat prior to the Sectional tournament, and we spent that time making sure our conditioning and basic techniques were ready,” coach JayYates said.