Tik Tok Tuesday and Three Things Thursday


The GHS broadcast team has been working on some additions to spice up the announcements.

The team chose to add a TikTok Tuesday segment because it is no secret that high school students spend a lot of time scrolling through the app.

“We came up with the idea because TikTok is trendy and something a lot of high schoolers are interested in. We get all of our TikToks from students who submit them via email to [email protected],” senior Erick Cornejo said.

Every Tuesday the students on broadcast will choose a TikTok that has been sent in by students to play on the announcements.

“The TikToks add an element of fun to the announcements which especially helps with the stress of hybrid. We do ask that the TikToks be school appropriate, but other than that, it’s pretty broad. Funny TikToks are always encouraged, but people can send any in,” Junior Jenna Armstrong said.

They are planning another new segment called 3 Things Thursday.

“On 3 Things Thursday, we will ask three students or staff for one fun fact. This fun fact can be anything, there are no parameters other than for it to be school appropriate obviously,” junior Gavin Ruppert said.

It is designed to make announcements more enticing.

“The staff wanted to come up with some interesting things that people would want to watch. 3 Things Thursday will be a short segment that is fun to watch and help students learn about their peers,” Ruppert said.

Students should be sure to remind their fifth period teachers to show the announcements every day.