Staffer enjoys heavenly BBQ joint

Staffer enjoys heavenly BBQ joint

Pull Up BBQ & Grill is not just an ordinary barbeque joint; they prioritize serving high quality, home cooked soul food blessed with the sacred touching of angels.

When I first walked into Pull Up BBQ & Grill I was shocked by how tiny it seemed. The actual space for customers to walk in seemed very cramped and could not hold more than five or six customers comfortably. However, looking past the counter was a large kitchen with multiple stoves, grills, and a small team of cooks and assistants preparing food.

One benefit of the restaurant being relatively tiny is that the smell inside was wonderful. The smell was absolutely delightful. It was like a big concoction of the wonderful flavors I was yet to experience. Between the smell and the sight behind the counter, my mouth instantly began to water

The menu offered a wide variety of food, from burgers and briskets to tenderloins and turkey legs. I approached the friendly-looking lady behind the counter to place my order; after asking her for a suggestion, I ordered one of their famous turkey legs, and a pulled pork sandwich.  I waited off to the side while a few other customers placed their orders. After about five minutes, I was handed my food and was on my way. Although the tiny atmosphere would have been cozy to eat in, they were only open for carryout. Once I got home and pulled out my food, I was astonished by the size of the turkey leg, it reminded me of the turkey legs I used to get at Disney World.

After taking a bite out of the turkey leg, I was taken back by how delicious it was. It delivered a strong punch of flavor right away. It was juicy and delicious and I ate more of the turkey leg and set it down so I could try my pulled pork sandwich. I was given cups of sauces, a mild and a sweet barbeque sauce. First I dipped a little of the pulled pork into each sauce and decided the sweet was my favorite and proceeded to pour it over the pulled pork on my sandwich. When I first grabbed ahold of the sandwich, I noticed how juicy the meat was. I took a bite and was astonished by the delicious taste that satisfied my taste buds. It was juicy, it was sweet, it was delicious, it was a perfect pulled pork sandwich. The bun was slightly toasted as well to help deliver such an impactful flavor and gave a nice little crunch to the sandwich, making it even more perfect than it already was.

Between the delicious food, small but friendly atmosphere, and the variety of food, I would have to give Pull Up BBQ & Grill a solid 10 out of 10. The price of the food was fairly inexpensive as well, with a sandwich only costing around $6 and my turkey leg was just shy of $10. I will definitely be visiting Pull Up BBQ & Grill again in the near future.

Pull Up BBQ & Grill is open Tuesday through Saturday from 11:00 a.m. – 8:00 p.m. and is located at 2412 East Raymond Street in Indianapolis. They are currently only open for carryout but offer delivery services through DoorDash and GrubHub.