Juniors taking ISTEP, again

Juniors taking ISTEP, again

Elijah Poe, Sports Editor

This year, ISTEP changed for students, but it was not for its usual sophomore takers; instead the juniors sat for the exams.

Thus, we worked with our department directors giving them some options, but also seeking their input on how to administer it in the best way for student success and to limit impact on classrooms and course learning.  We arrived collaboratively with the schedule we have for this year

“This year was tough because we only get to see in-person students twice a week (at best…in terms of in person) and we also have distance learners that we don’t see at all (in person).  Traditionally, we have taken a week to do each subject area doing approximately one section a day.  Well that approach would not work this year at all in an efficient way,” Mr. Craig  Bruns, assistant principal said.

The juniors are having to repeat ISTEP again. Last year they missed the Spring Section because  school was shut down due to COVID 19.

“I feel like taking ISTEP this year is a waste of time since everyone is not at school at the same time. Some people are online full time also,” junior Dom Wright said.

While schools are trying to suppress a pandemic, the State of Indiana is pushing the notion that schools take the ISTEP test for the juniors who missed the second half of last year.

“My concerns with taking ISTEP during the pandemic is the possibility of getting sick and missing the test to only have to make it up again some time else,” junior Ethan Tichenor said.

The schedule is that the Monday-Tuesday group will test all day Tuesday with a break in 5th period, and the Thursday-Friday group will do the same on Friday.

Each testing day will take up the juniors’ whole day. Juniors will test from first period to period 5 and lunch. After the lunch break they will head straight back to testing to finish off the day.