Record-breaking swim season


This year’s swim season will be unforgettable, to say the least. With events ranging from the pool heater to school records being broken, this season offered its fair share of challenges.

“I am most proud of my team having the record board completely wiped from what it was when I first joined the team. It’s been exciting to see everyone become amazing athletes It’s such a proud moment to see that all our hard work has paid off and that this is the fastest group of swimmers GHS has seen in a long time,” senior Grace Nuhfer said. 

Both the boys and girls teams proved that it was nothing they could not overcome, though. 

“I think one of the struggles we had was in the beginning when a lot of people were being contact traced and had injuries, but I think we all stuck together and we were there for each other. It really just helped a lot and built our team,” freshman Corey Bentz said. 

The team grew closer through the struggles they endured. 

“This team is different with a more friendly and outgoing environment compared to the teams I’ve swam on,” sophomore Ethen Barton said. 

Team bonding was a struggle, though, with new COVID restrictions on the pool deck. Athletes were separated into different groups to promote social distancing so it was more challenging to create connections on and off the pool deck. 

“Some struggles include the lack of ability to have team bonding outside of practice. Typically we have big sleepovers and dinners, but because of COVID, we weren’t able to do that, which made it harder to get to know everyone better,” Nuhfer said. 

But still, this season was all about reaching new standards for the team. With a bigger team than GHS has had in previous years, the team came in with a lot of potential with the increase in team depth. 

“I am proud of myself for pushing my limits and swimming the 500 freestyle for most of the season. The 500 freestyle is an event that I don’t usually specialize in, but I have worked really hard to get better at it this season,” freshman Hailey Peckinpaugh said.